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. . . Gliding through the clouds one hot & humid Hilo afternoon, the 130 or so of us were strangers all, and stranger still, early twenty-somethings about to embark on the wildest ride we'd yet imagined, or had been imagined for us. Those of us lucky enough (or slick enough) to get past Mr. Clean, the selection officer, would spend the next two years or so in a pretty dang profound confrontation with ourselves, our limits, and a whole lot of people and customs that rubbed us, and were rubbed by us, a lot of ways, some of them the wrong ones. But the experience rubbed off on us, and none of us wishes we hadn't gone.
Peace Corps, the great dream. Help the world, work for good, become better yourself, develop depth and understanding. Get lessons on obedience, on independence and self-reliance. Learn what you don't like about yourself and others, beat your head against a wall, be homesick at first and lonely a lot of the time . . . but through it all, and after it all, feel a sense of purpose, that something significant is/was going on there . . .
These pages are designed to show something of what we went through then and how we were shaped by the experience.