From the Webmaster: So far, the contact info is pretty basic . . . we'll fill in the blanks with all sorts of colorful stuff, but it depends on what you group members send in, right?! So send more stuff . . . Meanwhile, click on the names of old friends below to see who they appeared to be then, and as much as we know about how to find them now.

Alton, Charles
Arquin, Mimi
Behar, Ken
Bellerose, George
Berger, Leon
Burgess, Frank
Burgenbauch, Susan
Burns, Jim
Burton, Jean
Carpenter, Mike
Cypert, Jim
Davis, Richard
Denison, Mike
Dickey, Diana
Ekroth, Marlene
Fallon, Ed
Fassler, Richard
Ficken, Dee
Foster, Pam
Garland, Tony
Goldie, Cathryn
Gordon, Jay
Heaton, Connie
Hollister, Lynn
Holmes, Helene
Houston, Rose
Isaacson, Gerry
Jaques, Susan
Johnston, Bill
Johnston, Dave
Johnston, Phyllis
Keeton, Jon
Keeton, Karen
Keith, Sandy
Kiriluk, Cathy
Lazar, Hugh
Leavitt, Ned
Lee, Peter
Lenz, Chuck
Lewis, Barbara
Lindley, Renie
Love, Mike
Lucey, Barbara
Manola, Paul
Martin, Brad
May, Bernie
McAuliff, Tom
McCauley, Ann
McCormick, Anne
McGough, Bill
Moncrief, John
Mondo, Barbara
Montalbano, Peter
Moore, Christine
Oellien, Sandy
O'Hare, Katie
Oppenheim, Paul
Orlando, Josephine
Petta, Rochelle
Rado, Isabel
Reale, Thomas
Reaney, Bill
Richardson, Jim
Ries, Julie
Ries, Wayne
Shaddix, Ellen
Shea, Pam
Somma, Susan
Spitz, Heidi
Stark, Pat
Stein, Martha
Stone, Amy
Stout, Frances
Swift, Janet
Van Matre, Gretchen
Webster, Rosalind
Wilson, Lillian
Wolf, Greg
Zavitkovsky, Ann
Zimmerman, Rob