Talking Peace Corps Blues
Michael Denison - 1965

(Just strum along in 4/4 time, key of G, regular chord progression, and talk)

Now I joined the Peace Corps to get away,
              Iím sick and tired of the U.S.A.
But now that Iíve been on the roam,
              Iím gettiní lonesome, wanna go home.

Nobody even speaks English here, whole place is full of foreigners!

The house I live in is kinda nice;
              Itís out in the middle of a field of rice.
Thereís birds on top and snakes underneath,
              And a tiger on the front porch, pickiní his teeth.

              Heís waitiní for me to come out. Been there two weeks. I ainít cominí out. Dumb cat . . . .

The school I teach inís a dandy, too.
              Itís up on stilts in a field of goo.
Itís nice and airy, though, the screens are all gone,
              Soís the equipment and the hong naam

              Pawn shop on the cornerís doiní a booming business. Iíll teach the front office to cut our salary.

The kids I teach are smart as a whip,
              They study real hard and donít give me no lip.
              We sing folk songs and do the ramwong,
And take turns lookiní for the Viet-cong.

              Saw one the other day, too. In the third row.

If Miss Gomez could see me now,
              Sheíd be as proud as a littered sow.
I use my TEFL books every day,
              And all those handouts she gave away. . .

              You see, my Sears catalogue nor my Readerís Digest have come yet and paperís kind of scarce up here. I ainít proud, I donít have to use that soft tissue stuff.

They sent me a booklocker full of good things,
              Like ĎThe Miracle of VitaminsĒ and ďBurl Ives SingsĒ
              Along with a book that tells real clear
How to cook all the things you canít buy here

              As a bonus, I got two novels by Francis Parkinson Keyes who, Iím told, compares favorably with the best works of Frank G. Slaughter.

My first aid kit came the other day
              And I started using it right away.
The polymagmaís now long gone
              And I might not be able to finish this song . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . .