This contains pictures of Hilo Training . . . a more romantic spot cannot be imagined, you know that. Click on the pics to get more of the same type. We will be
adding stuff as it gets sent in.



("training center," for ye memory-challenged) . . click anywhere and you'll get to see images of those daze

This page is seriously under construction right now, because Gerry Isaacson just contributed a lot of pictures. The existing links actually do work, but there are a lot of sections that haven't been put in yet--soon to come are scenes at Volcano National Park, a few pre-sendoff pics from Honolulu and more in-country pictures, so drop by in the future for updates. Meanwhile, you can see some great pictures by clicking on the links as they are now. The Wai Pio bunch is pretty extensive!

the luau at the end of the Kona stay . . .

The July 4 Mauna Kea Climb


practice teaching in Kona


and . . . Wai Pio . . . .