This will contain pictures of what's gone on with us since the old days . . . I'll put in some to get started, but we'll need more!

the first "mini-reunion" . . . back in NY, '89, was it? How could that be so long ago??? can you name everybody? (Note that there is an extra husband & a wife here who don't go all the way back with us . . . )

The Garland and Behar families vacationing in Maine



Our big ol' biggest reunion, '93, at/after the Berkeley National RPCV conference. Not nearly everyone made it with us to Glacier Point in Yosemite, but there were quite a few, huh? Altogether about 16 of us connected on or around this conference. Here there are a spouse and three progeny included. The alien-looking kid on the left just got his karate black belt, that's how long it's been (2004 already!)